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坕tain's House of Commons voted on Tuesday night ▓for a snap general election on Dec. 12, which ▓is set to send the country to go to the polls for the first time in December in nearly 100 years.More than 46 million people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will take part in wha▓t will be the first December parliamentary election since 1923.A bill

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y a vote of 438 to 20 after a d▓ay-long debate in the House of Commons with lawmakers backing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's call ▓for an election.MAJOR VICTORY FOR PMJohnson called for a Dec. 12 polling day, but an opposition Labour amendment wanted to bring election day f▓orward to Dec. 9.Labour lost their bid by 295 votes against 315, a major victory for Johnson, who ▓has suffered repeated defeats in the House of Commons over his Brexit efforts since taking office in July.Alt▓hough the bill will have to be taken through the House of Lords this week, and given Royal Asse▓nt by Queen Elizabeth before it becomes law, its rapid passage through the Commons means ther▓e will be no further obstacles.Op

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dments intended to give a vote to 3.4 million European Union (EU) citizens living in Britain, as well as lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 to let several million ▓more youngsters have a say.Deputy speaker of the Commons Lindsay Hoyle rejected both amendments.A number of media outlets in London said Johnson had been prepared to scrap the election plan altogether if either of▓ those amendments had been agreed.Hoyle did accept the defeated amendment by Labour MP Cat Smith▓ wanting to change the date of the electi▓on from Johnson's preferred Dec. 12 to Dec. 9.▓Most national elections in Britain traditionally take place on Thursdays in May.Parliament wil▓l close its doors in the middle of next week to pa

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ng.BREXIT▓ ELECTIONThe general election is expected to focus mainly on Johnson's Brexit deal to end Britain's member▓ship of the European Union on Jan. 31, or earlier if the new parliament backs the EU w▓ithdrawal legislation.His bid for Brexit will come up against opposition party demands for a second referendum or scrapping Brexit altoge

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of Strathclyde told London radio station L▓BC on Tuesday that the election is "one Boris Johnson has to win."Curtice predicted Johnson's Conservatives will fail to win an overall majo▓rity."The safest prediction is that we will have a record number of non-Conservative and non-Labour MPs in this parliament," said Curtice.He said the S

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